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Ladbrokes Belgium is the Belgian subsidiary of Ladbrokes Coral Group Plc. Based in the heart of Brussels, and operating for over 30 years, Ladbrokes is one of the leading Belgian sports betting operator – both online and offline.







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In Belgium, Ladbrokes is the undisputed leader in betting. The Belgian company currently generates sales of nearly 225 million euros, and is still growing. Ladbrokes operates through many channels, offering its customers in Belgium the possibility to bet in store, online, and through mobile applications.

Challenges faced

As a Belgian company, Ladbrokes needed to create display ads in three different languages (French, Dutch and English). This unique scenario required additional coordination across the marketing team when translating copy. They also wanted to experiment with new formats and try more creative designs.  

Why Bannerflow?

According to Ladbrokes Belgium Head of Digital, Christophe Michel, Bannerflow platform provides a compelling suite of features. This includes animations: “The animations in Bannerflow open up new opportunities for banner designs, which make our banners much more dynamic and engaging.”

Bannerflow’s advanced formats, allows Ladbrokes marketers to avoid the hassle of coding and experiment with formats, such as carousels and cubes. While, the scheduling tool permits Ladbrokes Belgium to change and update banners easily.  Allowing the company to be more responsive and adapt its offers effectively.

Bannerflow’s analytics has also helped to make tracking stats better. With reporting of activity easier thanks to graphs that show comparisons between different banners, and periods of time, etc.  Plus, with Bannerflow’s unique ad hosting capability, copy and creative changes can be effortlessly made to already published banners.


Collaboration and translation easier than ever

A key benefit of Bannerflow is how it has helped Ladbrokes Belgium coordinate better. Different banner production tasks are now centralised in one place. For Christophe, “Bannerflow helps save time on certain tasks, especially translations, and editing ad copy.” With all translatable copy editable via Bannerflow, the time it takes to produce a banner campaign has decreased. This has allowed marketers to spend more time producing diverse and creative banner designs.

“Our CTR has improved since we started using Bannerflow, going from around 0.15-0.17% to a steady 0.20%+ ”

To sum up

For Ladbrokes Belgium working with Bannerflow is a positive experience. In particular, Bannerflow’s customer service has proved responsive, and quick in finding a solution. But the critical factor for Ladbrokes has been noticeable improved results: its click-through rate going from around 0.15-0.17% to a steady 0.20%+ across its banners. Combine this improvement, with easy translation, and the production of more diverse ads, and Ladbrokes Belgium is onto a winner.






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Is that really a valid e-mail?
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