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"Bannerflow have been great [...] from adding integrations with publishers and DSPs to creating custom widgets."

About Casumo

Casumo is a technology startup formed in 2012. Casumo as a product is a recognized and award winning online casino. Through design, technology & innovation it aims to disrupt the i-Gaming industry.


Swieqi, Malta






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Casumo was formed in 2012 and is an award winning online casino. Not by any stretch of the imagination a “traditional” online casino, Casumo seeks to change the perception of what an online casino is.  Through design, technology and innovation they have consistently aimed to disrupt the i-Gaming industry by ignoring preconceptions and unsaid rules.

Challenges faced

Many of the Casumo team knew that the traditional way of producing online display ad campaigns – manual coding, duplication, etc. – was a hassle. With a team based in various countries; online collaboration didn’t just need to be possible, it had to be a guaranteed. This was especially true when creating campaigns for multiple markets. Casumo needed a solution that catered for the entire banner ad campaign process and offered true real-time control.

"Bannerflow have been great when it comes to everything from adding integrations with publishers and DSPs to creating custom widgets"

Why Bannerflow?

Before implementing Bannerflow Casumo had yet to produce a single display advertising campaign. With Bannerflow, Casumo were quickly able to both produce and scale-out numerous campaigns. Using Bannerflow they were at maximum productivity from the onset; creating and publishing digital banner ad campaigns in hours.

Bannerflow’s cloud-based platform allowed the Casumo team to working collaboratively on both creative and language translations – despite being spread across time zones. With Bannerflow, Casumo kept control of their campaigns: embracing the ability to update campaigns in real-time without the need of having to involve external publishers.

Another aspect that Casumo benefited from was from the customer support provided by the Bannerflow team. Working closely with Casumo, Bannerflow actively sought to make using the platform a success, providing everything from advice to creating tailor-made solutions within the product.

To sum up

Bannerflow has been part of Casumo’s journey from start up to the success it is today. Helping, to spread Casumo’s unique message and grow its audience. For Jonas Axelsson, Media Manager at Casumo, Bannerflow’s customer focused approach has proved a winning investment: “Bannerflow have been great when it comes to everything from adding integrations with publishers and DSPs and creating custom widgets. They always answer within minutes both on skype and emails”.

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Is that really a valid e-mail?