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Casumo Background bannerflow


Casumo is an online gaming company who love to delight their audience with colourful and playful branding which is instantly recognisable. Before implementing BannerFlow Casumo were not working with display advertising campaigns. With BannerFlow, Casumo were able to quickly scale-out their campaigns and increase productivity when creating and publishing their banner ad campaigns.

Many of the Casumo team members knew that the traditional way of building banner ad campaign was a hassle, especially working when creating campaigns for different markets and working with a team who works in various countries; collaboration can be impossible. Therefore, Casumo were looking for a solution which would enable the whole banner ad campaign process and allow them to collaborate effectively while maintaining control.



BannerFlow’s cloud-based platform let the Casumo team to work on both design and translations more efficiently despite being spread all over Europe.

With BannerFlow, Casumo were able to keep control of their campaigns as they could update and change their campaigns themselves easily without having to involve their publishers.

The BannerFlow team have worked closely with Casumo from giving advice to creating tailor-made solutions to make their lives a lot easier, as explained by Jonas Axelsson, media manager at Casumo:

“Bannerflow have been great when it comes to everything from adding integrations with publishers and DSPs and creating custom widgets. They always answer within minutes both on skype and emails.”