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Working within the iGaming industry – a key to succeed is to be updated with the latest updates and working with dynamic content can be a challenge. To be able to reach out to your audience with the right and latest updates to your audiece means advanced knowledge which can limit your create and fast moving environment at some points. Bwin worked with different feeds within their banners and did find it time-consuming in house for the team but also for their affiliate working with the different feeds and dynamic content banners they wanted to create. Bannerflow helped them to overcome this by creating a customized solution.


Bwin had a challenge to manage and work with many different feeds in a user-friendly way. They are producing a large amount of banners and working manually made it very time consuming for the whole team working with their display advertising campaigns. To get up to speed and also create even more advanced dynamic content banners but much easier and faster; they needed a solution.


To solve the time-consuming work and make it easier for Bwin to work with their online advertising campaigns Bannerflow created several customized solutions.

We developed a service that consumes Bwin’s betting API, compiling user-friendly JSON and XML feeds for easy use in banners and landing pages both internally and for affiliates which will save time and effort.

We also developed a user-friendly match wizard allowing Bwin to pick the matches, leagues and markets to promote in their banners in real-time.

We continuously read historical team and match trends from a third-party service and merges this information to the corresponding match feeds which will make it easier for Bwin to use the information.

We have created responsive match odds widgets that displays upcoming and live matches from a chosen feed and that complies to Bwin’s visual guidelines. Upcoming matches automatically transitions into live as the matches start, with the current score presented and refreshed every 15 seconds to the viewer.