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"We changed from a traditional organisation to one with an agile workflow and structure."

About Bonnier Publications

Bonnier Publications is the largest publisher of magazines in Northern Europe, with more than 50 titles. It publishes books, DVDs, and operates more than 50 websites. The Bonnier Publications Group is headquartered in Copenhagen, with bureaus and editorial offices in Oslo, Helsinki, and Stockholm.


Copenhagen, Denmark






Bonnier Publications specialises in cross border publishing. Supplying content of the highest quality to more than two million regular subscribers. From its main editorial office in Copenhagen, it organises campaigns for the entire Nordic region.

Challenges faced

With four languages, and hundreds of campaigns, organising and producing the required volume in-house can be a challenge. Plus, being able to publish across markets, and track is essential.

“Bannerflow has dramatically improved the way we communicate and the way we present ourselves.”

Why Bannerflow?

Scaling, making banner variants, and producing at volume is where a creative management platform (CMP) like Bannerflow excels. For Bonnier Publications it’s a great system for the volume of complex campaigns they produce. With a design tool that allows for the building of complex master creatives. It’s easy to produce all the variants required for the Nordic markets.


Plus, by using the Bannerflow platform, Bonnier Publications is able to experiment. Using elements of storytelling within their advertising. Through animations, rich media, and video, Bannerflow has expanded the toolbox available to its creative team. It’s made them think more about how they communicate to viewers.


According to Digital Conversion Specialist, Nikolaj Foght, the platform has also improved tracking. “Bannerflow helped us develop an integration that lets us keep track of everything in our system automatically. Affiliate partners can be added to Bannerflow and each partner has their own script. The whole process is much easier.” Bannerflow adapts to the performance marketing needs of Bonnier Publications.


Improving processes and work-flow

With an internal team of six, and external partners, good communication is vital. Bannerflow’s built-in collaboration tools have quickened work-flows and made processes more efficient. Creative design remains a key internal focus but an external colleague can now scale-out campaigns. Plus, for Ole Vorm Nielsen, Bannerflow’s real-time update capability means that “if a price is wrong, of if we have to change a colour, it’s much faster to change”. Producing campaigns has never been easier.

To sum up

For Bonnier Publications, display advertising is an important part of their marketing mix. It’s critical to have smooth processes, and simple work-flows – which is what they’ve achieved. Not only that but the support offered by Bannerflow has helped make them more “confident” in producing campaigns. Going forward, Bonnier Publications is ready to roll-out new types of banner campaign and grow.

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