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Case study: Betsson

About Betsson

Betsson offers online gaming products in a number of markets, both through gaming sites such as,, as well as several partner brands.


Ta’ Xbiex, Malta




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Betsson belongs to an elite group of premier online gambling companies with more than 20 unique i-Gaming brands. Operating from five global locations, with over 1900 people from 45 different nationalities, it is a truly international brand. Working in numerous languages, each month it produces campaign after campaign of online digital advertising, reacting to the ebbs and flows of the market.

Challenges faced

For Betsson producing countless online display campaigns proved time consuming. It faced the challenge of scaling out banners, in a variety of shapes and sizes, in different languages for brands across many countries, in a fast and efficient way. While with a large evolving team, being able to manage banner production, across brands for different markets was a priority.

"Now we manage all banner needs for all our brands with one person"

Why Bannerflow?

Using Bannerflow’s integrated platform has allowed Betsson to save time when producing online campaigns.

Product features such as the online preview, translation and scheduling tools have helped with the production of large numbers of banners. Betsson can now scale out their campaigns and add translations effortlessly; while the easy duplication of campaigns allows creative to make subtle changes to live advertising in no time at all. Especially important for a company like Betsson where the ability to apply data and test ad concepts is a necessity.

For Mattias Granqvist, Acting Head of Affiliates at Betsson, Bannerflow has dramatically changed the way Betsson approaches producing online display advertising in-house: “if we were to make all banners through designers we would have to employ a lot more people in our affiliate department. Now we manage all banner needs for all our brands with 1 person”.

All the more pleasing for Betsson, and Granqvist, is that “there is no doubt that they have had a return on their investment in Bannerflow.

To sum up

The benefits of using Bannerflow are clear for Betsson. Liliana Viu, Affiliates Creative and Content Executive at Betsson, states precisely the reason: “Bannerflow is making my job easier”.  Bannerflow has enabled Betsson to create more HTML5 banners every month, across world markets, without the need of extending their team. For Betsson it’s clear that when utilising only the best-in-class-technology that’s available, Bannerflow sits among the best.

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Is that really a valid e-mail?
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