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Betsson Background with logo bannerflow


Working with online display campaigns can be time consuming when involving a big team to be able to manage all work that is needed, especially when working with several brands and also on many different markets. Betsson is an online gambling company working with over 14 brands working with 18 languages which results in a large amount of campaigns each month.


A challenge when working with this large amount of online display campaigns that Betsson does is to be able to scale out banners for different brands and in different countries in an efficient way. A challenge is to keep the fast path and make it easy to manage and work with.


Betsson saves time and effort when producing their large amount of banners every month by using BannerFlow. They can now scale out their campaigns and add translations easily and also duplicate campaigns so make small changes in no time.

Quote – ”BannerFlow is making my job easier” Liliana Viu, Affiliates Creative and Content Executive

BannerFlow has enabled Betsson to create a big amount HTML5 banners every month for their different brands in different countries and without extending the team.

There is no doubt that we have a return on BannerFlow seeing that we use BannerFlow for all our brands when it comes to affiliation, and if we were to make all banners through designers we would have to employ a lot more people in our affiliate department. Now we manage all banner needs for all our brands with 1 person – Mattias Granqvist, Affiliate Operations Manager, Betsson Group.