When I sat down to start writing this post, the core question that stuck in my mind was – is it possible to direct culture in a company?

In short, I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t possible. Like all of the best things, great company culture grows organically. While you can pay for fancy seminars and team-building exercises, the fact of the matter is that for real culture to grow, it has to come from within.

To understand where our culture came from, we have to look back to how Bannerflow to life. Bannerflow was built to solve the problems we faced as designers and online marketers back in 2010.

Bannerflow was first intended as a solution for us, to solve the challenges we faced within online marketing and display ad production. We didn’t even think from a commercial perspective when built the first version of Bannerflow, and to be honest, we don’t think that commercially now.

Instead, our primary goal is to make sure that we have the happiest clients in the world. For us, the most important thing at Bannerflow is always to put the customers first in what we do.

To build a successful business with the Bannerflow approach I believe that there are a few things you need to believe in:

Firstly, we put out focus into creating a product with great usability. We strive to be world champions in building a product that solves an enormous problem for our clients.

Secondly, sales are customer service; this is key! Aim to always over-deliver and never be money driven. At Bannerflow, we are in this for the long-run, we want to build a relationship with our clients and enable them to grow their own business. It’s all about having a great relationship.

Thirdly, I also feel that if the team is happy and having fun, clients see this and the Bannerflow spirit (in other words, our culture) speaks to them. Honestly, business is all about having fun. We don’t do 100 slide strategy presentations or read boring strategy books. It is more meaningful to find inspiration in the every day, taking inspiration from those who inspire you. Listen to your clients, they should be your biggest inspiration and then look to your heroes. We built this company on many of the things that Bruce Lee said.

Finally, for the team to do the best, it’s essential to get inspiration every day. At Bannerflow its a lot of freedom, we do not focus on job titles or corner offices; we sit together as a team because we have the same goals. We focus on execution and getting things done while having fun at work (however, we sometimes have so much focus that forget to take a break to play ping pong). It’s not the management that create a culture in the company; it’s the entire team!

I am proud to say that these things are the building blocks of our culture. We are growing fast, and I have so happy to share and celebrate the success of the Bannerflow team and all of the fantastic Bannerflow users all over the world.

I am so thankful for the whole of the Bannerflow team for letting me experience this journey together with them. Sometimes I get dizzy when I think about what this team will accomplish in the future together.

Kind regards,