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How our users drive development at Bannerflow

Our users are what makes Bannerflow so unique.

They are our motivation to grow and evolve our creative management platform. Thanks to our users’ ingenuity, we’re consistently one of the fastest growing companies in not just Sweden but the whole of Europe. In fact, we would not be where we are today, as a company, if it were not for the creativity of our users.

Our mission is to reduce complexity in digital advertising but producing remarkable ads goes hand-in-hand with that goal. In fact, we want our users to produce amazing advertising, no matter their technical expertise. And if that means developing new platform features or custom solutions, then that’s exactly what we do.

Here’s a few features and components we’ve developed both with – and for – our users…

Simple T&Cs solutions

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. A common scenario for our users is the need to display a specific “disclaimer” or “terms & conditions” (T&Cs) frame or footer within banners. Not only that but in many cases this message needs to be tailored to individual market requirements.

Working with our customers, we created a responsive T&Cs widget that automatically shows the correct T&Cs, according to the market. For brands that work in multiple markets this flexibility is extremely useful.

For example, some markets have no requirement, meaning there’s no need to display it. While in other markets, it may need to cover the entire banner for 2 seconds. Banner sets with the widget can therefore be endlessly tailored for different, local regulations.

Oh, and what’s a widget you ask? Well, it’s a HTML5 component that Bannerflow users can drop into their banners. They enables all sorts of design features and interactivity – all via a simple drag and a drop.

Automating repetitive design tasks

We hate repetitive design tasks. Removing those frustrations are part of the reason we exist – just ask our founders! Pointless busywork makes us want to crawl up into a ball and slowly rock back and forth. That’s our angle when it comes to improving the lives of banner creators. Hence automatic banner optimisation by default in our platform.

Another way in which we have helped our customers avoid excess repetition is through personalised solutions. Take the position of a brand’s logotype. The Bannerflow team designed a custom widget that took data from pages of logotype geometry info and automated it. The result? A designer no longer having to individually position a logo across over a hundred banners per campaign.

It’s handy because the logotype widget we developed programmatically calculates where a logotype should be placed, and positioned, in not just one banner but every banner. One small step but a giant leap for in house design teams.

Next level iGaming banners

Bannerflow has long worked with iGaming users to develop specific solutions. In fact, many key creative management platform features stem from the needs of the industry. Unique features such as in-platform collaboration functionality, translation management, and even smart scaling. To name but a few…

The display advertising of iGaming is creative, technically advanced, and produced at scale. Not only that but it works across markets and is typically produced in house. If you can nail this industry’s requirements you stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, the norms of iGaming are easily transferable to other sectors. Travel, e-commerce, governmental; why not?

In recent years (like many other businesses I may add) the focus has been on producing unique dynamic experiences that convert. We’ve helped out customers to develop advertising that shows pre-match and live events in-banner, plus with a betslip coupon built-in. Users see the odds – any live extra information – make a selection, enter the wanted stake, and see the possible winning. They then click the call-to-action and the selections pass to a landing page pre-populated. Simple.

We design the responsive betslip custom widget with our users. Meaning each one is a uniquely tailored experience for viewers. Plus, the beauty of it being responsive is that the same widget can be used in any shape and form, again and again. We love it.

Calculating in-banner

Another thing we love helping our users do is combining rich media with dynamic banners. It’s something we think everyone should be doing. One example of making the most of these two technologies is how we’re helping a finance customer develop a banner that calculates a loan in-banner. It’s essentially a rich media banner that uses a data feed to present interest rates and fees in real-time.

For this particular brand we created a custom widget with a drag-able/touch slider that enabled a viewer to calculated their potential loan. This was then dropped into brand’s banner set – all sizes covered, and all following brand guidelines. All of which is easy to produce through Bannerflow.

Going the extra mile for e-commerce

Showing a product feed is something we now take for granted. With Bannerflow we’re tried to make it simple to connect a live data feed to a users’ banners. Likewise, our platform is ready and able to cater for all sorts of dynamic and programmatic creative options. This makes us a key partner for e-commerce brands.

However, sometimes it’s how you show the products that matters. Each brand has individual tastes and graphics that need to be satisfied. Plus, standing out from a growing crowd is a bonus.

One such way is how we developed an easy way for our users to showcase their live product feed via a scrollable, grid layout across banner formats. The product grid widget has customisable options like number of product rows and columns. It also automatically presents product images from a feed responsively in a grid, in any banner size. Sounds boring but it meant sharp product images – potentially the difference between a viewer clicking or just ignoring.

In fact, we’ve created a number of different options for how live products can be displayed. Interactive carousels, 3D carousels, scrolling; whichever way you want to display your products in real-time, we’ll develop it.

Professional services for our users

It’s not something we tend to shout about but Bannerflow also helps its users in other ways.

We offer users the option of extra support when they have surges in ad production that cannot be dealt with in-house.

Yes, even though Bannerflow offers unprecedented scaling and versioning capabilities, there are times when brands need additional help. For example, preparing for key shopping dates, or major campaign pushes.

From a users’ design input, Bannerflow professional services helps to scale campaigns from a single master creative to all the different ad formats and versions required. As well as, produce all the responsive landing pages too. And that wasn’t enough we’ll create specific custom widgets for brands too.

However, it’s worth noting that Bannerflow’s professional services are only available for current users. Plus, they are an additional cost and not part of a brand’s regular Bannerflow subscription.

Get in touch…

Our mission is to reduce complexity, both in our industry and for individual customers. If you’re an existing user of ours then get in touch with your customer success manager to find out about how we can provide custom solutions and additional services.

And if you’re not one of our users? Well, if you like what you’ve heard, then apply for a demo. See what our creative management platform can do for both you and your business.

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