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Platform updates: Kill Week

Last week Bannerflow had a “Kill Week”. Our entire tech team stopped what they were doing and set to the task of adding features, optimising, and fixing bugs. It was all about making sure we have the happiest customers in the industry. Here is our epic list of “kills”.

New features:

  • It’s now possible to override a brand’s default original language when creating a new Banner Set. Just click the language name and select a new one in the dropdown.

banners example

  • Based on a customer request it’s now possible to pause and play HTML5 banners. This works in both the Banner Set Open view and the Public Showcase. We’ve also moved the replay banner button and places it next to the pause/play button.
  • We’ve combined the “Download fallback images” and the banner filter function! That means you are now able to filter out which fallback images you’ll download when pressing the button.fall back image
  • We now urge users to read up on Advanced Formats before publishing anything.New banner image
  • The whole row is now clickable when selecting a feed from a Translation.
  • In the “Banner set open” view we now display “Image is generating…” if the fallback image has’t yet been generated.
  • We now sort the banners in the “Banner set open” (list mode) in a much better way than before.View of bannerflow
  • Hovering over the icons in the left menu now displays a small tooltip.
  • You can now multiselect items in the timeline in the Banner Builder by holding Shift or CMD on a Mac. Or Shift or CTRL on Windows.
  • We have now made it impossible to publish banners with missing fallback images to networks that require fallback images (Sizmek, DCM and Adobe S7). We also made sure that it’s impossible to publish scheduled placeholders that don’t contain any banners. These issues have affected customers for a long time, causing confusion when direct publishing sometimes fails.
  • The list of banner sizes when creating new banners now respects the list of banner sizes under “Brand settings” -> “Banners” (see screenshots below).
  • Finally, clicking the Logotype in the header will now take you back to the dashboard.

Optimisations and tweaks:

  • All images and fonts now cache correctly in the Banner Builder. This will result in faster load times when entering the Banner Builder.
  • Changed the copy of the buttons and the behaviour in the “Change size” dialog inside the Banner Builder to make it more clear what’s happening.
  • We now serve all images and fonts in the Banner Builder from our CDN. This means faster load times for our users.
  • We re-did the input fields in the style panel in the Banner Builder. They now work way better than before.
  • When CSV exporting banner tags from the publish view, the name of the current network is now included in the file.
  • Added “This is updated once per day” to the tooltip copy for the Live icon in the Banner Set List view.
  • Fixed some copy when picking the backup banner set in the Scheduling wizard.
  • The assets in the media gallery in the Banner Builder are now always sorted in alphabetical order.
  • We now sort the list of languages alphabetically when adding new translations to a banner set.
  • It’s now possible to sort all the columns in the table in the “Published banner” view.
  • Holding CMD on a Mac or CTRL on a PC while using the scrollwheel in the BannerBuilder now zooms back and forth.


  • Fallback images using feeded data are now rendered correctly.
  • Rotation icon in the Banner Builder now displays as intended.
  • Fixed Z index on a couple of tooltips, making them invisible.
  • Fixed a lot of smaller CSS and UI bugs.
  • Fixed an issue where selected options in the Banner Builder menu not always stayed selected.
  • Fixed an issue when editing the “Scale” property on the “Big” transition in the Banner Builder.
  • Long Labels on banner sets now displays properly.
  • The “Is feeded” icon in the Banner Set list is now only applied when its supposed to.
  • Fixed an issue where comments and other UI elements didn’t show up when using Dark Theme in the Public Showcase.
  • Removed Spell check from all input fields in the application
  • Updated links to our Knowledge Base with new URLs.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rulers in the Banner Builder wouldn’t show up.
  • Fixed a bug that caused special characters to be displayed incorrectly on landing pages.
  • Fixed a bug that made none-translatable widgets translatable (causing the Banner Builder to stuck).
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to send out new External Translation request if the previous email was formatted badly.
  • Fixed an issue with notifications and old “Head of brands” setting.


Thanks to the whole tech team for being awesome during the past kill week! Also, if you find any more bugs, or items that you think could work better, then let us know! Bannerflow has one boss and that’s you the customer!

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