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Live Banners – The Conversion Kings

Live Banners are banner ads which are constantly updated via web feeds. They refresh their information seamlessly every 15 seconds, so the content changes according to external factors, or according to the information you’ve put into the web feed document which gives the banner its information. This is great for the user, as they are getting up to date offers which are relevant and valuable. For the brand they’re excellent, as not only do they perform really well, but they present an impression of a company which lively, up to date, and constantly changing to suit their audience.

Bannerfow helps to facilitate the use of Live Banners, so not only can you create amazing banners in next to no time, you can also keep them relevant and live with just a few clicks. The banners are then updated seamlessly every 15 seconds from the data in the feed, and the user doesn’t need to refresh the page to see the latest offering. If the user is actually watching the ad, they will see it change in real time, which helps massively with engagement. If you see an offering get better before your eyes you’re much more likely to click on it than if it was a single, unchanging proposition.

This can be valuable for any industry, but the one it’s really working for at the moment is online gaming. It allows companies to update their odds in real time, according to what’s happening in any given event. They use Bannerflow live banners as it makes everything so easy to do. From creating the banners, to linking the data source, to the banners changing their displays, everything is as straightforward as possible. Here’s an example of what a Live Banner from Bannerflow looks like:

Making one of these is fairly straightforward. You start with building the banner, which in itself is made simple with Bannerflow. Then you link your data source, which again can be done without any issues, and our platform supports the entire range of web feed formats, including XML, JSON, database and APIs. Also, if you have a different format which is not on the list, that’s something that we can change for you.

Another great feature you can add is a painless switch from displaying pre match odds to live odds once the event goes live. You don’t need to do any coding for this either, it’s just a feature to enable. Delivery speed is ensured through Bannerflow too, as the data is fully optimised using low overhead formatting combined with filters. This can reduce the overall file size by as much as 99%, so there’s no need to worry about users having to wait for the banners to update. Alongside speed comes our reliability, which is guaranteed through a generous SLA. We have servers in multiple countries, in centres which are monitored 24/7, so whichever event you want to cover in your banner ads, you don’t need to worry.

The best thing about live banners for the users is that they don’t need to click through to the site to select their odds and stake, they can do it within the banner, and see their potential winnings before being taken to the website to finish placing the bet. Everything pulls through to the betslip from the banner so the user doesn’t have to re enter anything. This is fantastic for conversion, as it’s all so convenient and customer focussed. The process removes any potential barriers.

We’ve looked at how it works for the online gaming industry, but it can be adapted for almost any marketing campaign, or type of business. It’s great for travel, as up to date flight prices can be given to the user constantly. For e-commerce, a company can provide their latest offers and items with no delay. There are all sorts of ways you can use Live Banners, and with Bannerflow, the process couldn’t be easier.

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