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Display Advertising Trends 2015

Whilst 2015 is a little over a month old, there are already numerous display advertising trends becoming apparent. Some of these trends in display advertising are totally new, and others were perhaps first seen in 2014, but are now beginning to make an impact on the industry. We have identified 7 key trends for 2015.

1. Multiscreen Display Advertising

As more and more of us rely on our mobile devices for internet access and, as the well-known statistic from Google says, that 90% of our media interactions are screen-based, companies will be finally forced to take that leap to mobile and multi-screen marketing. This step can seem frustrating to advertisers as there are so many different screen sizes to cater for, but marketers predict that multi-screen advertising will increase in importance by 88% by 2016. One element of this step is switching to HTML5 so that not only display ads be viewed on mobile devices but also so that the display advertisements display the right size on the dozens of different screens sizes which are often used today. This will bring focus to making sure that the marketing message never stops regardless of what device you’re using.

2. Advanced Display Ads

We’ve seen more advanced features on display ads popping up in 2014, and this trend will continue, not only will there be better video ads, but also more creative formats and plenty of display ads featuring dynamic data.

3. Better Viewability

2014 marked a year of controversy for some ad networks and the viewability of some ads published. Advertisers began to realize that not all the ads they were blindly served, were, in fact, being served. In late 2014 Google released a report analyzing display ad platforms, using its Active View technology. Seeing as Google holds such a big stake in this market it was crucial for them to show that the industry was taking this problem seriously.  This exposé of the problem has meant that advertisers have had to make sure that ads are being displayed properly, which great news for advertisers, and the industry. Such a development means that viewability will continue to be a huge trend throughout 2015 in display advertising, but the trend will move towards positive action, such as industry standard setting, rather than just exposure.

4. More Programmatic Advertising

We know it’s early, but we’re going to call it and say that the display advertising trend buzzword for 2015 will be programmatic. Programmatic advertising is a concept that has been thrown around a lot in 2014, and 2015 will be the year for its realization. When it comes to buying advertising inventory, it can get tricky, and programmatic advertising is another word to add to the long list of advertising jargon.
Programmatic advertising is essential a more efficient way to buy advertising space. Programmatic advertising aims to remove manual ad placement and other menial tasks that are often left up to marketers to get bogged down with – and whilst this concept started picking up speed in 2014, 2015 will definitely be the year that we see programmatic advertising really become part of the advertising family.

5. Big Data

Big data is big business, and it will continue to be in display advertising trend in 2015. Display advertisers are realizing that there are more ways to measure display advertising than just click-through rates, and such measurements will be harnessed to a greater in 2015.

6. More Personalisation

Every other element of marketing and advertising is moving towards personalisation, this is now also a trend for display advertising. Advertisers are seeing the benefits of using retargeting campaigns, powerful targeting capabilities and advanced features such as dynamic content to make more relevant to users.

7. Budget Spending

Every year we hear reports of spending on display advertising increasing, this is a reoccurring trend for display advertising in 2015. Another point that often gets overlooked is smarter spending. Advertising is a big money business and often expensive. With the rise of programmatic ad buying and automated display ad production, advertisers will be looking to see how the can’t get the best ROI possible.

Display Advertising Trends 2015 – Final Thoughts

It is definitely great to see display advertising trends changing year by year. It is also exciting to see the technological advancements that are occurring in this field as well the positive steps that are being taken to provide more transparency.

Are you planning on implementing any of these display advertising trends? Get in contact with us to see how we can help.

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