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How Bannerflow makes team collaboration (and your life) easier

Building display advertising campaigns can often involve collaborative work between individuals and teams. Whilst this can produce great results, it can also be a productivity killer. The traditional workflow involves sending banner campaign files back and forward using email, but this takes a lot of time for your team and it’s not an optimal way of working, right? Bannerflow has the solution to made team collaboration more effective whilst making your life a lot easier!

Bannerflow’s Public Showcase feature enables you to send a link with your display advertising campaign internally or externally. This means that you no longer have to attach dozens of files to emails anymore, just add a simple link instead.

The Public Showcase not only displays your campaign with your HTML5 banner ads and fallback images, it is also the place where your team can comment on specific banners so that designers know exactly what’s need to be changed or updated. If any design updates have been made and saved, the new version will be displayed automatically on the same Public Showcase! This means that your Public Showcase will always be up-to-date.

Bonus tip: You can also set passwords for your Public Showcases, so you can keep total control of your campaigns.

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The Bannerflow Public Showcase feature helps teams to save time and work more effectively.

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