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4 killer reasons why you need powerful campaign scheduling

Effective scheduling of your online marketing strategy is crucial. We’ve all seen them, on bookshelves across the globe ‘organise your life’, ‘the secret to success’ and ‘lists, lists, lists’. The key takeaway from the majority is to plan in advance. So why not apply this philosophy to your online marketing strategy?

There is already a huge market for email and social media scheduling tools. The business model of companies such as Coschedule and Hootsuite centre around scheduling in these areas. Yet what of banner advertisement? In this article, we explain why you need a scheduling tool to complete your online advertising strategy.

The ‘good’ old days

Traditional display advertising requires manual processes: start, stop, refresh, repeat. All this means that the simple task of setting a date and time becomes tedious. Each time you update a marketing campaign you waste precious time and money.

The pain of performing marketing the old way is in the inefficiency of the system. As our Product Coordinator Jared Lekkas explains, “Someone would have to be almost solely responsible for changing and updating as well as think about all the different channels at a time.”  Are you still guilty of this? If so, stop! There is an acute need to update your scheduling process with the times.

With the rise of new and useful tools that allow you to automate this process, you can do all this in advance and update in real-time. Free up manpower, resources for creative, and start forward planning.

So without further ado, here are four ways in which scheduling tools can enhance your online marketing strategy.

1. It’s easy. Simples.

First and foremost, save time. Here at Bannerflow, we love our work but we also love efficiency. In our mind, manual, clunky, online campaigns should be something of the past.

Just take a look at CMC Markets as an example. They found that by using Bannerflow, topical messages could be relayed at the push of a button. The function is laughably simple and with server tag integration updates to your adverts take effect instantly.

Scheduling within Bannerflow is simple to use with drag and drop functionality. If you choose you can plan January through to December in a matter of minutes. Change your mind or want to add a few tweaks? No need to relaunch. Our system is live and runs in real-time so campaigns will update automatically.

2. One word. Relevance.

Relevance is key when it comes to your marketing campaign, we don’t need to tell you that. When asked, 61% of consumers said that they prefer personally relevant offers. What is more, 87% of email marketing campaigns take into consideration national holidays. Your banner campaign should be no different.

The lead up to Christmas is equal parts nightmare and dream come true for every marketer. How do you even keep track of all those relevant dates? The opportunities for accelerated return on investment (ROI) are endless. Yet online campaigns of the past have failed to take advantage of this. This is because of the archaic system in place for scheduling. If you could update your campaign in an instant then you could even celebrate World Towel Day in your banner ad (May 25th for those of you interested).

How about moment marketing? It has proved hugely effective in the past. Take a look at Norwegian Air post-Brangelina break-up as proof; the campaign reached over 100 million in three days. Common sense and the figures support the idea of relevant marketing. It’s undeniable. Your brand needs to cater to current events and key dates for real success.

Whether you’re always-on or event-oriented business, your strategy should change throughout the year. Using scheduling applications means that you can create campaigns year-round that are agile and adapt to current events with ease. Now relevance in your banner adverts can come as standard.

3. Scheduling and A/B testing

Any successful marketer will tell you that A/B testing is an important tool in analysing the success of your online campaigns. The company OtherLevels argues that with mobile marketing the need to A/B test is crucial. In fact, when asked, 50% of marketers said they use A/B testing software in their analytical process.

With a calendar app, your team can schedule campaigns to run alongside one another or overlap. There are infinite possibilities for comparison when you’re not restricted by manual processes.

Even better, with our Bannerflow scheduling app, you can weight each campaign according to priority. Combine this with our creative management platform (CMP) and you can vary copy, creative, and language as seamlessly as your strategy.

4. Scheduling in-house

Ease of use and efficient scheduling go hand in hand with the shift to in-house marketing too.

We’ve already mentioned how manual scheduling wastes time and resources. This may be ok if you’re happy to see your budget dwindle away on unnecessary procedures. But, if you’re as forward-thinking as we know you are, then you need to consider how modern technologies can save you money.

Efficiency is the new ‘it’ word in marketing. Big brands like P&G have revolted against excessive online ad spend. One way you can boost efficiency is to follow companies like Amazon and Lucozade who have shifted toward in-house digital marketing. There are alternatives to the status quo. Scheduling the modern way is one way you can join this mutiny. Reducing unnecessary bodies and man-hours on manual methods equates to budgetary gains.

Scheduling campaigns manually is one of those practices that has been revolutionised with the rise of new technologies. With CMPs that integrate your online campaigns from beginning to end the task of hiring in-house can be far less daunting for you and your wallet.


The option is there to streamline the process so why not take it? Centralise the system. Don’t lose track of what campaigns are showing and when. Schedule, pause and activate each campaign with ease. Organise everything in advance and create a proactive and forward-thinking campaign strategy.

We’ve created a video to show you how the scheduling feature in Bannerflow can revolutionise your digital campaign strategy.

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